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Default Sennheiser IE7s: win.

Yeah not feeling very imaginative on the thread title.

I have:

Senns CX500s: bassy
Klipsch S4s: good value
Etymotic HF5s: bright and clear
Super Fi.5 v2: fun

The IE7s actually bring the best out of everything. Soundstage is very, very good. Sometimes I forget I have earphones on and it feels like the sound is coming from all around me. Seriously impressive. Clarity is better than on all of the earphones I've had so far. I can really feel the difference in MP3 encodings; it also really lets out bad production. But it's not just big enough right now to be an issue. I always have my earphones on when I work on walkabout, not for critical listening. So the music play, and I enjoy it. Simples.

And for this I don't think it gets any better. TOTALLY worth the 135 or so euros you'll pay on Amazon (EU websites). Comes with just about a truckfull of accessories and a nicely enough engineered box. It's really designed to 1) sound great 2) be VERY comfortable and 3) impress.

I won't bother describing the sound much. Honestly, there's not much to say. There's a little more bass than I thought there would be, but it's very clear and right where it should be. Not too overwhelming. Treble is also very enjoyable: not in your face like it can be on the S4s or Etys. It's just... nice, across all frequencies. I can't hear anything I don't like about it.

Comfort wise, the little sharp corners feel pretty silly... but once I place them correctly, they're very comfy and don't move. I didn't even have to change tips, the ones that fit me the best were the ones on the headphones in the packaging. My inner lazyness was happy.

They're harder to put in than others... I have glasses so I'm not using the solid earguides. But it's not a deal breaker at all. Once they're in they seem to just have been molded according to my ears. Seriously impressive. Built quality is VERY good though. The cable especially has very low microphonics, doesn't tangle a lot and doesn't have this uber sticky coating like on the Senns CX500s. It's a very nice cable though it's not very thick. The plug is sturdy.
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