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Well, I do not have a good solutions since this has not happened (yet?) to my 16GB View. Anyway, you might look around on the official Sansa View forum. I found this thread when I did a quick search.

I have noticed that my View, which I only use with MTP, can be a bit more troublesome than my other mp3 players. For example, I have Windows XP with WMP 10 installed. I use Media Monkey to manage my mp3 players (except the Creative Zen Touch which needs Nomad explorer or 3rd party software Notmad explorer and the Kenwood which uses the proprietary software Kenwood Media Application).
Anyway only my View gives me trouble when I connect. First it doesn't always get recognized in Media Monkey and then I have to unplug and replug the USB cable. When it is connected and recognized, I can remove files, but after I have done that, it will not accept new files that I want to upload. So I have to unplug the USB cable and replug it and first then I can upload music to the View. While I like the View, it is in all a "unfinished product" with a lot of errors and sadly too early abandoned by SanDisk.

I do not want to take over this thread. Perhaps you could try to at least temporarily change to WMP 10 and try to connect the View?
There might be some software/drivers on your computer which prevents the View from being recognized...
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