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Originally Posted by DaveMac-MS View Post
... the technology you'd need to be completely satisfied?

Cheers, Dave.
Since you asked, it would take more than a great email app. Although email is something I found will make me consider taking a device with me to work, that satisfying device would have a few more characteristics. I'll need:

- an efficient UI. The recent Samsung touchscreens (P2/P3/M1) take better advantage of touch than every other brand. Tap to go down a menu tree one level. Tap and hold to go all the way into the media app at the bottom. Tap the back arrow to go up one level. Tap and hold to return Home. One button, ergonomically positioned, multiple functions.
- all the latest tech, and useful application of it. What point is a g-sensor if the entire UI doesn't take advantage. The iTouch improved greatly as it came along. Most of the default apps gained unique experiences when you tilt the player. The Cowon J3 even spins the home screen icons when you tilt it. Throw in Samsung's Bluetooth features. Skip GPS, but throw in a compass to track the player's orientation. Then exploit it. Keep the media features of the Zune. Throw in a few Easter Eggs for users to discover as they get more intimate with the device.

I could go on.
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