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Old 05-28-2010, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by lip View Post
I usually agree with mostly everything you say but getting into bed with your major enemy in a segment that is growing(mobile) where you are weak and with that enemy having your main business(windows) being their main target to seek and destroy...just makes no sense...
MS is right on the money to put all their eggs into mobile right now...wp7 is probably the product Im most excited only recently started to produce an OS that looks interesting...MS has to play a big bit of catchup but they are going to pump money endlessly into this area you can bet...
Say what you will about Balmer but the product announcements from the last 6 months have been really impressive...
Only thing that worries me is to see some of their apparently top people who could run the company in the future leave or retire...probably a lot of things going on in the background that we are not privy to...
I really dont have an opinion on balmer...he seems like a nice guy compared to the likes of the leaders of google(I find these 3 geeks really the type of anti-social people I do not want running my connected life) and apple(one man show at apple...the guy is a dictator but obviously is the sole responsible person for bring apple back from the brink of death...when he goes, apple might be in trouble)...

The main problem with MS is the same problem with any massive company...they become completely unmanageable at that size...if MS can let the different business groups work independently but with a common company goal...then they might succeed...

Just my opinion(s)...
I can't fault you for any part of your opinion, and Idefinitely agree with your last paragraph. My opinion was more along the lines of this; Mobile has the ability to support multiple operating systems. However, in some form or another, these mobile platforms require a desktop (Itunes, BB Desktop Sofware, Zune)or server-side platform (Exchange) to fully function. MS has them locked into Exchange, why not lock them into Windows? By making software that could peroerly sync BB/Symbian/Android with Outlook as Windows Mobile does, MS could kill the emerging Google Docs. Esepcially if they put MS Office on these platforms (which would also kill QuickOffice).

Moving the Zune Marketplace to these platforms would give more exposure to it. Amazon went from 4% of the digital music market to 12% in less than one yeaer due to inclusion in Android. Imagine what would happen to Zune's 1% market if they made it the media player on Android (lack of codecs notwithstanding, it's a damn sexy player).

MS gets a rumored $20-40 per handset sold that includes Windows Mobile and Mobile Office. QuickOffice goes for $30 on BB/Symbian/Android, and $10 on Iphone. MS could sell Mobile Office for $30 to these platforms, kill off QuickOffice, and make far FAR more money than they have ever made off Windows Mobile. In addition, again, they'd greatly grow their Zune marketshare.

Bottom line is that Microsoft is heavily dependent on the adoption of Windows. If Windows cannot penetrate mobile, then you make mobile utterly dependent on it.
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