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Originally Posted by whiffee View Post
Nausicaa, I have a clip+ open at the moment, the battery measures 1.39 X 1.13 X .12. It looks like a battery up to 1.5 long would go, 1.55 would just possibly squeak in, though it would cover the solder terminals.

What is the mAh of the battery you have? Looking at Amazon, the mini replacements often go to 800 mAh or more, which suggests a bigger volume.
The stock is 600mAh I believe, I bought one that claimed to be 800mAh. Its probably closer to 700-750mAh. The size is the same, it has to be, because the mini is a close fit.
Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
If the battery fits inside the Clip, then the 900mAh specs are definitely fake. That capacity is impossible in that small form factor. It's probably around 300mAh, like all the other similarly sized batteries.
I don't think they are lying. The original iPod battery couldn't have been 300mAh judging from the mini's specs and its much heavier. On a site here: like they have to be truthful, I'm sure that 800mAh batteries using different technology (other than Li-Poly) can be made.
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