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I also have the HD668B and use them with the Clip+ (with a Fiio E5 in between). They are phenomenal headphones indeed. I'd go so far to say that they compete well with headphones five or six times as expensive. I always prefer analytical sounding headphones - it's easy to equalize an analytical sound signature to be more "fun", but not so to equalize a "fun" sounding headphone so be analytical.
Well, back to topic. I think the rockbox crossfeed is great if you don't go higher than the default 700hz and set the HF attenuation value all the way down to -24db. The "nasal" sound the rockbox' crossfeed can produce is due to HF comb filter effects caused by the frequency-linear time delay (Jan Meier's implementation avoids this problem by using a nonlinear approach). This effect can be minimalized, however, by maximizing the HF attenuation.
A properly set up crossfeed should be beneficial for almost any kind of music, especialy "well mixed/mastered" music. Music that is mixed in the studio - regardless of how well done - is mixed to be listened on a stereo. The channels are mixed by level, not by phase, because it is assumed that phase mixing will naturally take place in the listening room. This kind of mixing is a priori not suitable for headphones. You'll need a crossfeed for any kind of music except for "real" live recordings done with two single microphones (most live recordings are however mixed in the studio), or binaural recordings. A crossfeed should not be specifically tuned to compensate for old "fake stereo" records with one intrument only on one channel - this should be done by ordinary channel mixing (e.g. reducing stereo width) prior to the crossfeed.
The major disadvantage of rockbox crossfeed is that it doesn't compensate for the HF attenuation by giving the ispilateral signal the appropriate gain, like Maier and bs2b do. This can be easily compensated using the equalizer though. For the HD668B is even makes an improvement, because the crossfeed warms their sound up considerably. I think their sound signature ideally fits the rockbox crossfeed, no need to eq at all with that combo!

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