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Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
I have both a Clip+ and a Fuze, and am not sure which I like better. They are different and each has its plusses and minuses compared to the other. I guess what I really want is a hybrid of two, with a screen midway in size between the two(perhaps just a monochrome alphanumeric lcd display to save power-imo it is better to eliminate video and photo viewing ability to save power), a standard mini USB connector, a scroll wheel, a power button like on the Clip+, volume buttons like on the Clip+, battery life of 30+ hours(40+ would be even better though), and a built in clip. I hope this could be accomplished in a player that is midsize between the two.
There is another Sansa not mentioned here, the m200, whose current (v4) hardware generation is apparently very similar to the Clip under the skin. So what I think would be really great would be an m200+ with 8gb of memory and a microsdhc slot. That would run for about 12 hours on a rechargeable AAA cell like the current m200, but you could just swap in another cell. Also nice would be a bigger version (Cowon D2 sized) with a full sized SDHC slot and an AA cell that would run the unit for 30+ hours. Similar to the old Cowon G3 and iRiver T10 that ran for 40+ hours on an AA.
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