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Originally Posted by Machiventa View Post
^ lmao no kidding. jk of course kremlin

for those of you experiencing this problem just go to this forum on and report any issues. They usually correct errors reported.
I don't think this is a marketplace error. Seems more like a bug related to tagging. I have a few artists that show up as the band Disturbed (when in fact, I have maybe one of their songs). Most notably 30 Seconds To Mars. I know that a couple of months ago, the artist page (both on device and software) was correct (30 Seconds) for me. The problem seemed to occur after I fixed some tags across my collection, though I can't pinpoint a specific action. I'd venture a guess that for any of you reading this, the artist info comes up correctly as 30 Seconds To Mars. I've also seen several posts on the official Zune forums from people with similar issues.

I've tried formatting the player, reinstalling the software, etc. Same issue crops up. Annoying, but not world-ending.
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