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Default 4 days and my player is here woo hoo!

Finally after months of waiting and then seeing it discontinued, and out of stock at walmart, and quantities dwindling on my new 32 gb x is in the mail and should be here next week!

Is it true that the X uses the Contributing Artist Field of your ID3 tags? And if this is so does anyone know if leaving those fields blank will force the X to revert to the normal Artist Field?

This will be my first Sony after many different Sansa's. I am giddy in anticipation and just trying to get my music tagged right!!!
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Congratulations! I dunno about the tags, All my music on my daps is pretty highly filtered to ensure all the track info is in place
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Hey congrats on the X!

I don't have one but I wouldn't worry too much about these "secondary" ID3 tags. I have been working with mp3 files and tags for eons.

I would focus on the primary tag fields myself:

Title [of track]
Track Number

I never worry about too much re: tags beyond these fields. Every single DAP I have ever owned has displayed the above info perfectly.

cheers, enjoy and good luck!
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Looking at mine it doesn't seem to use Contributing Artist tags at all, rather the main ones that Lestatar mentions above.

It's perfectly possible to browse through those or by folder which is what I mainly do.

Congrats on your purchase!
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