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(I copied my posting on head-fi, better than to write the same thing twice...)

So now I have touched the J3. I didn't listen to it, but overall the design and UI is nicer than I thought.

This is one of the advantages of living in the Tokyo area in Japan - new technology is actually available. Not at all like in Sweden where you have to order from special online stores. I do not think that there are any electronic stores in Sweden where you can look at other DAP brands than iPod or perhaps Sony. I think that I might have seen Creative Zens a few years ago.

Anyway, I went to Yodobashi kamera to get a screen protector for my new Kenwood HD20GA7, and while I was there I went to the section an looked at the new Panasonic Viera 3D sets. Nice, but the 3D-glasses are dark so it almost feels like wearing sunglasses to watch TV.

After that I went to the DAP and headphone section and woe and behold - they had the 16GB J3. I just tried the UI out a bit and it seemed nice. Much more fluent than my S9 (with 2.41 version firmware), and when I flipped the player on the side, the icons switched to landscape mode. Nice! See how easy it is to get impressed with bells and whistles.
The tactile buttons were all there: pause/play, next/ff-previous/rewind and volume on the right side. An on/off button on the left side. On the bottom the headphone plug is to the far left. Then there is like a small "hatch" that you remove (like on the S9 and D2) to get access to the USB input and the MicroSD slot. I tried to not touch the screen too much, it looked like the previous person who had touched it first had put his fingers up his nose...

Ironically the S9 next to the J3 had lost its play/pause button. I have heard that they can break, so I am very careful with mine...

The price for the 16GB J3 is 25.800 yen. The 16GB S9 is 21.800 yen and the 32GB version is 32.800 yen. The 16GB version of Sony X1050 is 24.800 while the 32GB version X1060 is 35.800 yen.

Not too many people were looking at the section with iRiver, Cowon and Creative players. The iPod section was crowded as always and the Sony section had its fair share of people looking. I can understand the appeal of iPod in Japan. Firstly Japanese people love things with nice design and secondly if everyone else has got one, it has to be good. Pretty much like in the rest of the world, that is. Myself, I cannot understand it...

Anyway, about the J3, it looks nice and solid. While I do not think that my S9 feels cheap in anyway, my Titanium version is a bit on the "plasticky" side, but the J3 did not give me the same feel. However, I do prefer the curved design of the S9 to the more standard J3.
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