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Default Bluetooth support?

Hey I have been using a Sony A829 for the past year or so, and I have to say that the bluetooth support for it is pretty darn good. So I was wondering if I were to be looking for a new pmp how easy would it be to sync a pair of headphones, the amount of steps needed to get the j3 to reconnect to a pair of headphones after they have been paired, and just the overall integration of bluetooth in this player (SQ, connection strength)

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My J3 was pretty easy to connect to a bluetooth headset that had been paired with a different device a minute before. Settings:Bluetooth:Tap the bluetooth icon, then tap the spot to initiate a search. Make sure the headset is in pairing mode. One nice touch is that you can control the headset volume from the J3. I don't remember the S9 having that capability. Sound quality is on par with my Samsung P2 and P3 over bluetooth, but not as good as with a direct wired connection.
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you mean the sound quality on on the samsung p3 is better than the j3
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No. Using any one of my bluetooth headsets, the sound quality is the same no matter which of the P2, P3, S9, J3, SPINN, Philips, or my HTC Hero phone is sending the audio over bluetooth. They all sound better when using a good headset that is plugged into them. Not a huge amount, but noticable if you switch back and forth quickly.
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