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Default KSC 75 vs. Sony MDR-Q22LP

I am looking for ear clips with decent sound, low sound leakage and COMFORT. All things being equal, I want comfort. I am deciding between the KSC 75's and the Sony MDR-Q22LP. I've seen lot positive reviews of the Koss but I've seen a lot people wearing the Sony's who say they love them.

Open to other suggestions too. I want over-the-ear not in-the-ear.

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75s leak sound...and leak alot.
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the sonys i find are more comfortable than the ksc 75's, but the cord is thinner, and mine snagged and snapped after a year of use.... i like the sony's comfort alot better than koss's
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Sound Quality:





Tie (It really depends on the shape of your ear, as I personally prefer the comfort of Koss, but some prefer Sony's)

So I guess it comes down to how important Leakage and sound quality, the sound of the Koss's is a really gem for the price but they leak a bit (but not nearly as much as my Semi-Open AKG K240S full cans that I use is public often and havent had any complaints yet.


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the sony q22 had brillaint sound quality when i used them with my sony D-ne1 atrac mp3 player, however i found at times i ahd a lot of leakage because i had small ears and so the hooks on the Q22 didnt fit so that the headphones lay flat, unless of course i bent them a litlle lol
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I ended up buying both - the Sony's sounded great, very rich, but I found them very uncomfortable, they hurt my years. Kept the Koss, so far so good.
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