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Hello PepeM and Lebellium,

I have Firmware VER 3.03 EU-00-JB1 (Touch 45) Release Date 2010.02.05 and, seeing your posts I changed my PC Connection option from MTP to MSC a few minutes ago.

I have two issues, the same as PepeM, these are:
  1. Although I have the latest version of Windows Media Player (11.0.6002.18111) that is available for my Vista 32-bit PC, the R1 tells me to load the latest version of WMP whenever I connect it to my PC.
  2. The R1 still loses FM radio presents and I cannot see any particular reason why it is doing so.
Is there anything I can try to fix the problems e.g. try Firmware 3.04 ?

Thank you
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