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Waveform (.WAV) files are uncompressed losseless audio, hence they are massively huge and a ridiculous option for containing a portable music collection, as you'd only be able to fit about 20 albums into an 8Gb player.
The other thing to note about using .WAVs on an Mp3 Player is they are not compatible with ID3 tags (so no album art, author, album, track info and metadata) and they do not support fast seeking, so they can be jerky when fast-forwarding/rewinding.

Whereas FLAC is compressed lossless audio, so it takes up less space (about 20Mb for a 4 minute track, most FLACs have 40% compression). FLAC does not throwaway bits of data or very high/low freq. noise to save space like .mp3s it simply uses lossless compression algorithms like .ZIP or .RAR files.

Just don't bother with .WAVs, convert FLACs/WAVs/Lossless to 320Kbp/s Mp3s with dBpoweramp (LAME or Fraunhofer codec) and you won't be able to tell the difference anyhow.
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