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Zuniq I totally agree. But I'm not surprised.. it's just the sneaky "marketing" big companies always do to force you to use the programs with their products - this is even more apparent with the tyrannical applestore. Well, maybe one day we will be free from it..

Stunjoe, I get what you're saying but that's not the case this time. It does some weird things like saying it's done syncing (you wait literally 10 minutes of it syncing nothing - no items are listed), and then the zune's image is "syncing" and then the zune has to be reset. And every other time I plug in the Zune it's not detected. Then after hard resetting (holding down the power button) too many times, I guess my internet died (gives me a black screen). But anyhow, thanks for the notice!

So then I don't think I have much choice but to wipe the damn thing. I guess it's good that I'm the only one to run into this problem. If everyone had this, they'd probably kill MS lol.
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