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The Zune Desktop Client is what makes it special. Just simply the best of its class available. After using ZDC its difficult to use other software. Winamp, Media Monkey, Itunes, Sonbird and others that I have used and long since forgotten about. These all seem like inferior toys or are overly complicated calculus problems compared to ZDC.

Some people will harp on the fact that the ecosystem is closed, well this is true. But that is not a bad thing when it comes to ZuneHD. If you take advantage of its power it creates a very seamless and powerful experience.

The Zune Pass is a nice way to try new music with a small investment that makes Microsoft money. Some people think Microsoft should not make money after the sale of the device. Some People.

I will admit to being a bit of a Zuneboy. But I did not just wake up one day being that way. The devices and ecosystem deserve the praise. This whole thing is not perfect or even as good as it could be. Microsoft dropped the ball on several fronts. This does not diminish the beauty and greatness that exists at this time.

I recommend ZuneHD to people because I really love it. Not because its better than Ipod or any other device. I have no idea if it is or is not, and don't care.

ZuneHD is an excellent product that does its job very well. Great user interface. Great sound quality. Beautiful design, thin, light but substantial presence when held. Microsoft may never allow it to reach its full potential but I wont punish the device for the sins of its father.
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