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Thumb Up On a neck-loop/lanyard

Around your neck works a treat for me.

No broken screen worries from pocket crush etc. Never dropped. Defeats pick-pockets.

At purchase with Sure SEXXX, you get an extension with built-in sound control and a right-angled plug that makes perfect combo with the neck loop/lanyard and exterior switches set to pause / jump next forward / jump back; you don't need to look to operate this way... one handed blind operation. Don't even need to orientate the player first as it always hangs the same way up!

Lanyard attaches to the same “ring” as the touchscreen-pointer/pen does.

Feed headphone cord through lanyard then you've no danger of losing the headphones... or the player cause if the buds are in-ear and the lanyard should break (never happened) you'll notice when the buds are ripped from your ears!

If required this setup can fit, still on loop, in top shirt/jacket pocket. Also hidden this way to discourage muggers that use public transport to spot victims’.

In an Armadillo D2 leather case. (At least I think that's what I brought?)

With Sure SE420 I find that the buds protrude less from ears if the wire goes over the ears first?

NB: the durability of the Sure headphones impresses me too; they've outlasted all the (lanyard) brands I have used with my D2 combined and with SQ to die for (if the fit is right)!

In summary use your head m8 (at least use the bit of your body that holds your head up!)

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