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I'll second the Rockbox suggestion.

The Sansa Clip and Fuze are the only models I'm aware of that have decent podcast and audiobook support in the native firmware (i.e., the ability to keep the content separate from music -- so that you don't end up with book chapters or podcasts at random in the midst of a music shuffle -- and, the ability to do proper management of chapters and so forth for NORMAL files, meaning MP3, rather than needing proprietary DRM'd content). The e200 hardware is pretty nice and has lots of potential, but the only way to really get full benefit is to install Rockbox.

One additional feature (of Rockbox) of particular benefit to people using it for audiobooks and podcasts is the ability to speed up the playback rate WITHOUT going into chipmunk mode.

You have full control of playback speed AND pitch (the Sansa native firmware gives you a one fixed speedup and one fixed slowdown rate in addition to normal, but, the pitch goes up or down depending on which you use).

With Rockbox, you control speed and pitch separately -- so, you can speed up the playback, while maintaining normal pitch. The result is that you can generally "speed-read" spoken content without losing legibility. Most spoken content (podcasts and audiobooks) can be boosted fifty to a hundred percent faster without becoming difficult to hear. When catching up with a lot of material, this can save a LOT of time. (For nontrivial amounts of content you can save many hours.)
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