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Originally Posted by Yemble View Post
If Creative did a 64Gb version of the X-Fi2, I might be tempted. However, in the meantime I am considering an upgrade of my Zen Touch "brick" 40Gb HD player with a 64Gb SSD.

The 40Gb disk is an Hitachi TravelStar HTC424040F7AT00, which from my investigations, appears to have been made exclusively for the IBM X40/X41 series laptops. It is a 44 PIN 4200rpm PATA drive with its pins arranged along the long edge of the drive.

KingSpec manufacture SSD drive replacements specifically for the X40/X41 laptops, so it seems reasonable to assume that these will also be compatible with the Zen Touch. Spec here:

Can anyone see any technical reason why this drive would not work within the Zen Touch and if so, why?

I have successfully converted another Zen Touch for use with a 16Gb CF, but 64Gb CFs are a stupid price, which is why I am looking at SSDs.
They do, do a 64GB version of the X-Fi II, your dreams have come true:
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