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I tried doing this for ages and finally managed put lyrics on the spinn.

You need to get the latest korean firmware and drop it on your "system" folder (I'm sorry I don't have the link, but I found it in this forums so it's a matter of perusing a bit). It won't change everything into korean so don't worry about it.

After that download iriver LDB manager. This is the part that gets tricky. since there are practically no premade lyrics outside Korea applicable to the iriver, you have to add them manually with the editor. Choose "editor", play an mp3 through the LDB, add some lyrics and synchro them with the "set synch" button (experiment a bit if that one doesn't do the trick). The problem is that one row only covers around 16-17 letters (spaces included) so it's quite a chore.

I was very disappointed with the spinn lyric display. With such a big screen it could easily display three to five lines of a length of 16 letters instead of a tiny bit at a time, making the process less annoying and time consuming.

All in all it's a nice idea if applied well, but as for now the lyrics option for the spinn takes too much time for a mediocre result. I suggest not bothering with lyrics for now, at least until iriver polishes the software.
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