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Help Custom Rockbox builds for the Fuze?

Hi all

I wondered if anyone is aware of any custom Rockbox builds for the Fuze. What I would really like is antialiased fonts. I'm quite pleased with RB on the Fuze in general though, so it's not a dealbreaker.

Any thoughts/discussion on the topic might be interesting!

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Anti-aliased fonts aren't supported in Rockbox.

Originally Posted by
Most modern fonts use Anti-aliasing to make them look good on-screen. Unfortunately the Rockbox font format does not support this, and fonts created that make heavy use of anti-aliasing may look blocky as any areas even slightly shaded by the font are shown fully when converted. Anti-aliasing is something I can't do for the fonts (It would need to be provided by the Rockbox core), however, I may be able to get the fonts to look better by making the anti-aliased areas default to not showing, however no progress has been made on this.
So a custom build with that option is unlikely
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Originally Posted by SilverWolf View Post
Anti-aliased fonts aren't supported in Rockbox.

So a custom build with that option is unlikely
Its not supported but there used to be a patch on the Rockbox tracker that allowed anti-aliased fonts. I remember using it for my own builds of Rockbox for the Sansa e200. If the patch is still there, I'm guessing that its probably gonna be out of sync now.
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