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Philips makes a 9" version that has a SD slot. As far as I can tell the 7 " does not come with a SD slot.
But the battery life is not as long as the 7"
As long as I get one movie (2 to 2 1/2 hrs) thats fine.

So is the screen quality pretty good on these Philips? I have an old DVD player which is not all the best looking screen or image wise. You can (well did - it broke not that long ago) even see the pixels- like an old dot matrix screen.

When attempting to Google for more images of the Philips 9" Player with iPod dock, I came across another
similar device - the iLuv i1166 player (it too has an iPod dock & SD slot)

Prior to first posting I tried to Google for DVD Players with USB or SD - very little choices. Only the last day or so I now have a possible choice of the Toshiba (Toshiba SDP93S 9" Portable DVD Player),
Philips (Philips DCP951/37 9-Inch Portable DVD Player with iPod Docking) or iLuv (iLuv i1166 8.9 Inch Portable Multimedia/DVD Player with Dock for iPod).

Edited- make that a 4th choice- also from Philips:
Philips PET1030 10.2-Inch Portable DVD Player with Car Mount Kit - it has a USB slot.

Came across a review on the Philips DCP951/37 - "On one hand, the 640220 resolution is pretty crappy " - closed the browser and now can't find the link to that review.

I know seem over whelmed with choices.

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