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So will the toshiba mk1231gal 1 8 120gb 5mm hdd pop right in w/o any other mods needed?

Originally Posted by usul1978 View Post
Yes indeed !

Toshiba have the MK1231gal (120 giga one platter and 5mm thick) with lower consumption than the original A3 HDD. I ordered one on ebay for my 60gb A3 and wait for it for the transplantation !

Toshiba announced (i'm not related to them I promise ^^) a new 160gb one platter 1.8'' HDD (for the new ipod classic) : the mk1634gal. But you can't buy it yet...And btw, there is supposed to be a 30 000 maximum files number (if someon can confirm it would be nice) on the A3 so 160 gb maybe too much actually.

Watch out, there are other thin 1.88'' HDDs but mirco sata and not PATA/ZIF like needed for the A3 !
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