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With the "classic" Zunes (i.e., Zune 80) it's possible to download the older version package (zune.exe+firmware+games) from Microsoft (I forget the link, but it's there somewhere, a web search ought to be able to bring it up), and then manually extract the actual installer, and then RUN it manually.

This is the only way I know to do an "upgrade" WITHOUT being on-line -- and, if you ARE online, whatever version you TRY to install will end up "helping" you by forcing the latest version into your system.

This is what I had to do when they replaced my dead Zune -- they came out with the current abortion while my player was in transit -- when the replacement arrived (a brand new player, with version 2.x firmware on it), the ONLY way I was able to get 3.1 installed was to jump through those hoops. Otherwise, the ONLY way it would let me use my replacement Zune was to install 4.x, which 1) I did not want, 2) did not need, and 3) couldn't install even if I wanted to, since it is a real horse-choker of a download and I am stuck with dialup modem access (I live in the backwoods, NO fast access available, period).

Once you download the version you need, and extract the installer (without the wrapper that will NOT invoke it WITHOUT going online first), you'll need to do a full wipe of your player (I forget the button combo but that info is readily available).
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