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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
it's probably just a matter of someone porting various emus over to the Zii's Android and/or Plaszma (given that those OSes won't have any other hurdles, like being crippled and locked down). That goes for NES/SNES and such... a PSX emulator is in a whole other league and probably not fast enough.
I've just done a port of SDL to the Zii Egg. I've built Doom for it and scummVM. Most SDL things build with nothing more than a ./configure, and the performance (considering I've done nothing to optimise it) is more than adequate.

The bluetooth thing is a bit of a sore issue on the Zii Egg. It appears that ZiiLabs hasn't certified the bluetooth protocols that we'd need for gaming controllers...

Might hack around a bit and see what I can find (I need HID profile for mouse for another project I'm doing on the Egg).

Anyway, I've put the hooks in the SDL driver for the accelerometer, so it's just a case of someone sitting down for a while and working out some good mappings.

The HDMI cable I have isn't something you'd want to put much stress onto, so waving it around when you're hooked up to a TV is not such a good idea (and why the wireless controller would be). It does work for scummVM games though, where all you want to do is move a mouse cursor around at a leisurely pace. The SDL driver I've done allows this, letting you use the Zii Egg as a trackpad (like on a laptop) while the display goes to the TV (the Zii Egg can show controller graphics on the LCD while it shows the game on the TV).

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