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Originally Posted by Icky6 View Post
This seems like an OK addition, but not exactly a solution. When looking at a list of 3 different "Toccatta, Adagio & Fugu-" when there are three separate movements, I want to be able to quickly pick the one I want.

Now, if I'm already listening to the song, and simply want to know the name, sure, looking at the submenu is fine to see the full name. But my issue is when I'm looking at a long list of classical songs and not being able to have any convenient way to pick the one I want. If they want to fling around this media-focus nonsense, this is a huge oversight IMHO.
The only workaround I know of is to edit the title to include something like "1 Toccatta, Adagio & Fugu", "2 Toccatta, Adagio & Fugu" and so on. But seriously we shouldn't have to rely on workarounds for a basic feature that should be there to begin with.
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