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Originally Posted by Icky6 View Post
Boy I feel like I've been making a ton of threads lately.

Anyway, this is important. I was surprised when the update didn't fix the problem where you have a song with a long name, and you have no way to read the whole name because it runs off the edge of the screen.

Normally this isn't a problem (with pop songs). But with classical music that doesn't have a name, but rather "Sonata III movement blah blah blah" etc.... I have NO way to tell what I'm looking at.

I will say it again, for a media-centric device, this kind of shit is unacceptable. Why was this not fixed when they just had an opportunity to with the latest firmware update?
I listen to a lot of prog rock, where there are a lot of song names, so this bugs me too.
I have a proposition: how about, in the sub-menu (the one you get by holding a press down), the full title comes up? That would be the best solution. But scrolling names would be nice too. Not to mention an actual scrubber.
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