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Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
Some bugs are hard to figure out, and just asking for a new update without giving any additional information doesn't sound very nice to me.
I've played it with music on through the speaker, also played around with the volume slider a lot, and even left the game lying on my desk for about 10 minutes and didn't encounter any crash.
I have also tried playing music and doing different stuff and my player did in fact crash the first time after a little while of playing. It was he kind of crash which shuts the entire player down and forces it to scan the disk. The problem though was that after this had happened once I was unable to recreate it in any way. It can have been a firmware flunk due to some buffering error since the entire player died and not only the application itself.
Unless anybody is able to find a way to surely recreate this I'm afraid I can't do anything to try and correct an eventual error.

Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
I did notice some other things:
The moving of the volume slider works everywhere in the app. Not just when the volume screen is shown. I actually think this is pretty handy, because you don't have to hold the homebutton everytime you want to change the volume, but was this intentional?
I know exactly why this is and it's a very easy fix. Although it wasn't in any way intentional and I think it should be removed due to it being hard to handle while not seeing the meter itself.

An idea struck me right now, what if I made a function which worked as such that it changed the volume with 1 up or down if you brushed the screen upwards or downwards? Then it could be handled without having to access the volume control slider. I could still keep it though, or transform it to another option, whatever that may be.

Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
I think the whole volume changing idea by holding the menubutton is something every app should have. Because everywhere in the player you can change the volume this way, and when you're playing a game you shouldn't have to quit the game just to change the volume.
This is exactly why I implemented it this way in my game ^^
It's a shame the firmware flunks out with volume changing functions so when you go from 14 up to 15 the scale shifts so you on 15 am on maybe 12-13. Nothing I can fix though...

Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
Someone said something about a button being hard to press. I think he means the close button on the volume and settings screen, at least that's what I noticed. It can be because of a bad calibrated screen, but when I load a printscreen in Gimp, I see that the quitbtn is shown a little more to the right than it's actually drawn at by the app (which is 194,30,20,20). Gimp shows it at 198,30, so I think a touch.pos of (x>=198) and (x<=218) would fit better. Maybe even 199 and 219.
Hm, Yeah. I had a problem with that button before, especially while having the volume screen up.
I'll look into this, but it may be a badly calibrated screen which is the problem, since it is working just fine for me as it is..

Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
The sounds are indeed a little hard to distinguish, although there is a noticeble difference. I must also say that miss.wav sounds a little clicky on the player, instead of the clear low beep it does in the simulator. Not sure why that is..
I also sometimes hear a pop when I quit the app, maybe that's because the app closes before the sound is done playing? I put an os.wait(500) before break, and I think that helps.
Yeah, it does sound clicky on the player, but it doesn't on the computer. So I have no idea how I'm supposed to generate the tone for it to sound as I want on the device itself @.@

Hm, and yeah the pop is probably from the app closing while playing the sound which is played when pressing the "confirm" button. There are two fixes for this, one is simply to add an os.wait as you tried, or I leave out the sound for that press. Although that would also mean it wouldn't play when confirming a surrender, so I'll probably add a wait like you did.

Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
Really cool that you can change the skins, I'll see if I can find some inspiration to create my own .
Funny prompt by the way when you click "no" after home button press
And you're right, this is addicting
Hehe, So people do notice my prompt xD
And I made the skinning feature just to practice my programming, though I hope some people will find entertainment in creating skins for it.
If I feel REALLY in the mood for re-coding some day then I may make the skinning feature more advanced allowing for custom colors on background/text and custom placement of buttons and displays. It'd require the skinmaker to make a .lua file with coordinates and sizes and stuff, but it IS possible.
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