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Default Dropped my X...

Hi people, I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I dropped my X from about 4 feet above a hard plastic-ish tile. Thanks to the rockish frame there aren't any apparent scratches, and the thing seems to be working fine.
But I was just wondering; What are some damages that a rather hard drop can do to an X, or any PMP, that aren't obvious like a cracked screen?

Could it have an effect on sound quality? Video Quality?
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wouldn't worry about it until it actually DOES affect sound and video quality
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Any DAP(PMP) can end crippled by a hard shock as the electronics inside can suffer. Mostly you would need a combination of bad luck and a weak solder inside. The screen is always the most fragile on a hard-drive less(flash) DAP.

The very small printed circuits inside players can sustain high G's, and often the casing will absorb the violent impact. PMP's with hard-drives are more heavy and here the hard drive is fragile if DAP is dropped.

Sound quality or video quality should not be reduced at all.
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