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Originally Posted by Lazarus Ledd View Post
I switched from MediaCoder to Handbrake now.
Out of nothing I was starting to get half-or-more corrupted audio with mediacoder. Reinstalling didn't help to.

So I'm now on Handbrake. I wanna ask something. I have a E436 that's nearly full. And I have some movies that have audio out of sync while mayn other videos are fine, and they all play okay on the PC. Everything was normallly encoded (cpu e4400). Any idea why is this?
gpu cuda encode works on media coder now, its pretty fast, at the cost of a little quality, but for walkman purposes this is no matter and simply unnoticable, it only matters when archiving video, they come out with plenty of patches, i've never gotten corrupted audio before though.

honestly i don't encode that many videos, but i've never had one out of sync, i leave the audio at 48khz.

Originally Posted by kysg View Post
I wonder how this would work for the x series....
dunno, but i suppose they would add more compatibility/features as time goes on, so it might be less stingent on the encode settings. hopefully they've made it so one can simply use ipod presets. if not..shame on sony.
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