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Default Should my next MP3 player be an S9?

Been using the D2 for a year and a half now. It's only had minor self fixable issues with corrupted themes and the occasional database reading problem. The sound is ace and I really like it. 99.9% of the time it works properly for me. It is looking perhaps a little 'worn' now, so a change is inevitable soon. The S9 looks promising, although it doesn't have an SD card slot I will be opting for the 32gb version. It has a better touch screen (although I have no problems with the one on the D2) and even longer battery life! Another thing I love about the D2...the fact I can use it for nearly a month (with an average 2hrs a day usage) without having to be near a PC!

So what do you think...S9 the next choice? Any known problems with it? I've read the build doesn't feel that robust although other reviews sound promising. I think I might wait until it falls in D2 will be still be around for a long while yet and I've heard there's a newer S9 type model coming out which might cause a price drop!
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I thought the S9 was a big upgrade from the D2, but if your attached to the SD slot, you could wait until the J3 comes out. Its pretty much the same as the S9 but it has an expansion slot on it, and I believe they rate the battery with a few more hours.

And about the build of the S9, I'd say its stronger than the D2, and MUCH more resistant to scratches(front and back).
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