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Old 04-10-2010, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Fecal Face View Post
I am a genius.

I've discovered a way to play my Zune's music out it's dock, through my PC's speakers.

Unless of course someone else has posted a way to do this, in which case, I am in no way a genius.

ANYWAY, here's a tutorial that shows you how to do it!

It even has pretty pictures!

Here we go:

First, find that pretty little hole in the back of your dock; The one where the A/V cable goes in.

Yep, That one.

Second, get yourself one of these:

Male to Male 3.5mm cable, doesn't have to be long, I got mine for ~$12. Just get one long enough to reach the dock from your PC.

Go ahead and put one end in the aforementioned hole.

Next, find this on the back of your computer. On the motherboard or sound card or whatever you use:

That's the line-in jack. That or the microphone jack will work fine.

Plug the other end of your Male to Male cable into the line-in jack (or the mic jack, whichever you prefer)

Next thing you do is find your sound devices. This is what it looks like in Windows 7, and as you can see, I've found it under Recording Devices. This may be different for you depending on what OS you are using:

Right click on that, and go to Properties:

Under the Listen tab, check the "Listen to This Device" box, and select what you want it to play out of (Playback Through This Device). Pick your speakers, or if whatever you want to play it out of.

Hit apply.
Or hit OK, it really doesn't matter
Just don't hit Cancel

Voila! Your Zune HD's dock is now playing music out your computer's speakers, and you can control it with the wireless remote it came with! Your Zune is also charging at the same time!

You can play music while playing games, surfing the web, whatever, wihtout any software running, but I normally have my Zune Software running anyways because my Zune HD seems to periodically sync with my PC while it's on the dock.

Now go listen to some awesome music
Or you could just use that same cable to hook up your Zune directly to your line-in port, without using the dock...I've been doing that forever. And if you're using the dock to charge your Zune, you could still bypass that by just using the USB cable.
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