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Originally Posted by SDDL-UP View Post
I could buy an amp for the Sansa Clip, and the Cowon functions fine in this capacity.

My question is "What's next?"

I'm looking for my next player that meets my standards for very high sound quality and has enough power to plug into a home system.
Aside from the fact that all the suggestions given earlier are excellent, but if you really want a player with "very high sound quality" and enough power to plug into a home system, then there is nothing but the HM-801. As a_tumiwa said, battery life is pretty sad, perhaps 8 hours max brand new. But when you're using it with a home system, you can always plug it in to the charger.

Originally Posted by SDDL-UP View Post
The DarkSide,

I don't believe the Studio has actually been released yet. There is just some preliminary review of a beta version to try and work out some bugs AFAIK. I'll check HeadFi again though. I'd still like to see some RMMA results when it's released.
What's weird is that you can already buy the Hisound Studio here in Asia. I had a chance to review it, but I couldn't write anything as I could not find a 3.5mm cable that will fit the Studio's deeply recessed 3.5mm connector. Was that a beta version? I don't know, but I don't think Hisound should be selling a beta product to consumers.

The Teclast T51/Nationite S:Flo2 is the next best player after the HM-801, aside from the low bass roll-off issue (i.e if you don't care about bass in your music, then it's the 2nd best player after the HM-801).

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