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Lightbulb Cowon D2+ at 90 Ohms

Hi! I'm looking to buy some Ultimate Ears IEMs which have an impedance of only 13 Ohms. When I add impedance adapter of 75 Ohms that would make total of about 90 Ohms. My player is Cowon D2+ of course. Right now I have Head Direct RE2s and I listen to them at volume of around 15. Could my D2+ drive 90 Ohms easily? At which volume level would I have to listen to my headphones then? How would it affect my battery life?

Thank you very much!

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what impedance adapter?
I've tested the TF 10, with Westone 3, Westone UM3X. All I tested in volume at 20, plus minus 1 with the different phones I remember.
Strange someone can listen to it at volume 15, considering I am a person who don't blast my music already and using IEMS, I am listening at 20
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The D2 should be able to drive 90 Ohm easily. It will be quieter of course, but still loud enough. It shouldn't really affect the battery life much - especially not considering the D2's already overly beefy battery.
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Yeah I know it will be quieter at the same volume. But what do you think, if I listen to 16 Ohms at volume 15, at which volume would I need to listen 90 Ohm phones to get the same "loudness" in my ears if you know what I mean...

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