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Originally Posted by Bob from Seattle View Post
After much deliberation, I definitely plan to buy an S9! I figure that it is the best possible option for both audio and video quality. Question: What is the best configuration for watching a video without having to use the headphones? I could connect the “Cowon A/V (TV Out) Cable” to the S9, and to the Video-In, Left and Right Audio-In jacks of a TV (or VCR) with the appropriate inputs. Or, to watch it on the S9 itself (or to simply enjoy GREAT sounding music), I could do the following:
1. Open the “Cowon Carrying Case (Black leather) for the S9”, turn it on, and place the whole unit on its side for widescreen video viewing, or vertical for music. (Will it stand on its side?)
2. Connect the included USB 2.0 cable to the S9, and to a “Griffin PowerBlock Dual Universal Charger for MP3 Players and USB Devices (Black),” and plug it into an electrical outlet. (This way, I don’t run out of battery power half way through the movie.)
3. Connect a pair of “X-Mini MAX II Capsule Speakers (Black)” to the S9’s headphone-out jack, to each of the two speakers (not forgetting to “unscrew” them, for maximum bass sound), and the third part of the included cord to the second USB port on the Griffin PowerBlock.
4. Enjoy quality entertainment for around $364US total!
This sounds like a great idea, but it doesn't need to be a reply to this thread. You could ahve just made a new one called "My Speaker Rig" or something and gotten more attention. Hopefully an admin will move this for you. Welcome to ABI!
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