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Originally Posted by neumannu47 View Post
Ambient noise will definitely mask the ticking sound.
I will try again with all doors / windows closed. (I have a small flat )

Originally Posted by neumannu47 View Post
You are correct. It is 24K. However, if you look at the properties of the file in Windows Explorer, the bit depth is reported as 16 bits, which is probably correct. It would make no sense whatsoever to record at 32 bits.
You're correct it's 16 bits.

Originally Posted by neumannu47 View Post
No. I don't know what version I have.
You can see it in settings -> system -> information.

Originally Posted by neumannu47 View Post
How do you change the recording parameters? In any case, if the ticking is hardware based, changing the recording parameters will have no effect.
You can only change it with rockbox, not with the sansa firmware. If changing the parameters change the frequency of the sound it could point to the problem / specific piece of hardware.

Originally Posted by neumannu47 View Post
I used Audacity. Use the Normalize function. Do not manually change the gain as you may cause clipping.
Ok I did the same,

Here are results with door closed:

With the Sansa firmware I can definitely hear the tick (though at a lowest volume than your recording).
With rockbox I don't hear it (I tried recording at 0dB and -20dB)

However I'm not sure rockbox records the same way than the Sansa firmware because the PCM doesn't look the same in audacity : the rockbox recording looks more flattened (perhaps reduced sampling depth) : screenshot attached.

neumannu47 if you don't know what rockbox is, check , Fuzev1 is supported by the installer.

If you want I can send you the recordings I made.
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