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Originally Posted by funman View Post
I tried this on my Fuzev1 4GB and I can not hear any tick, though there might be a lot of ambiant noise.
Ambient noise will definitely mask the ticking sound.

Some remarks: the Fuze firmware records mono 24kHz 32 bits, not 22.05kHz 16 bits (at least that's what audacity tells me) and the ticks aren't espaced every 83ms but more like 300 or 400ms (though the first one is around 83ms in your file).
You are correct. It is 24K. However, if you look at the properties of the file in Windows Explorer, the bit depth is reported as 16 bits, which is probably correct. It would make no sense whatsoever to record at 32 bits.

If you have a Fuzev1 do you have rockbox on it ?
No. I don't know what version I have.

You can tune record settings: different sampling and stereo (although stereo is pretty useless with only one microphone), and I'm also curious because I can hear some noise when playing back audio files on my Clipv2 : this noise occur at the same time the CPU is changing its frequency.
How do you change the recording parameters? In any case, if the ticking is hardware based, changing the recording parameters will have no effect.

EDIT: Which software did you use to normalize ? Audacity seems to "flatten" waves (not sure of the correct term, but a lot of samples are at the same level unlike in your file)
I used Audacity. Use the Normalize function. Do not manually change the gain as you may cause clipping.
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