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Originally Posted by erythro42 View Post
There's no good way to do what you're proposing.

There's a breakdown guide so you can see what you're dealing with.

I think you're looking at it the wrong way. Unless you got royally screwed on the used purchase price, you paid much, much less for the 32gb than the 64gb is going to be selling for. Since 32gb is already a step up from your Zen (my Vision M died a few months ago too, which is why I also bought a used Zune HD) in capacity, you should just wait it out for the price of the Zune HD 64 to drop. Hell, the Zune HD 16 and 32 haven't even been out a year yet and they've dropped in price dramatically.

By Christmas time there's going to be a glut of tablets, competing players, Windows Phone 7 devices, iPhone 4.0 stuff, and god knows what else, and that's sure to be enough of a headstart for the secondary market for Zune HD 64s to get up and running.
Thanks for your reply!

I think you have a good point there..
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