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Default Zune Software DivX Support

Hey all! I found this and i was wondering if it would help with the DivX/XviD support?

My ZHD does support some of my XviD and DivX files, but not all of them. Would this fix the problem?

Also does anyone know where that registry hack is so that your ZHD shows up in the windows explorer?

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The current Zune software and Zune HD supports MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP (Xvid, aka DivX) video and MP3 audio inside .avi files, nothing more... nothing less. Your incompatible files likely don't use MP3 audio... maybe Dolby Digital/AC-3. If you must continue using Xvid + .avi, only use stereo MP3 audio when creating them.
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That's a really old hack, not sure if it would work as far as being able to import incompatible xvid/avi's into the software (or do they all import but transcode at sync?). Maybe someone can test it for us lol.
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pretty sure the registry hack was only for the older zunes on version 3 or something like hasn't been done to my knowledge to an HD.

if you have an xvid file with MP3 stereo audio under 320kbps it should transfer over without a problem. any audio other than what is supported for music will also give you troubles. i have had success with some of my xvid movies...working on converting them to find a setting that actually works.
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