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I personally store all my Music Files in the following hierarchy to help avoid duplications onto my Zune;

Tier 1: Directory Level 1 (and initial see below)
MP3 (M)
WMA <lossless> (W)

Tier 2: Directory Level 2
Genre (eg Decade, Greatest Hits, Live, Bootleg, etc etc)

Tier 3: Directory Level 3

Tier 4: Directory Level 4
Album Titles (Followed by Initial showing what copies I have by codec)

Tier 5: Directory Level 5
Music Tracks.

An example is

My Music:\WMA\Greatest Hits\Tori Amos\Tales of a Librarian <WF>\tracks....

This indicates that I have the album in both WMA and FLAC. I set the root directory for the Zune software to SYNC only the WMA and MP3 start directories, and use my transcoding program to duplicate into the proper directory any WMA or MP3 copies of other formats so my Zune can play them. The initial system helps me quickly in File Explorer know what formats I have albums in...

Simple really - if you have the room and time to set it up this way.

Hope this helps !

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