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Default Help with Smart DJ

So I downloaded v4.5 and I love it, great work Dave and the rest of the Zune team.

But when I go to an artist and press the Smart DJ button, it says "picking music" and then says "cant create smart dj playlist. try adding more music." I have 900 songs on my Zune and an active wifi connection, so somethings amiss.

I guess i could try re-syncing my zune?

Thanks for the help, and the update.
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I have 4500+ songs, and get the same thing. When a list is generated, it's the same 2-4 artists over and over...
ZuneHD needs an Astroglide app...
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Try re-syncing with the Zune software. Apparently that has work for a lot of people.
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When syncing the device, wait for it to change from "Sync Complete" to "Connected." More information is being downloaded during the "Sync Complete"

Also, some people have said that a simple restart of the device helps to get the Smart DJ up and running...
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