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Lightbulb Zune HD 64 GB - Announced

Here is a quoted version of the news article as of earlier today:

Microsoft carries on the Zune HD game of leapfrog with the Apple's iPod touch and is going to make an announcement regarding its 64GB Zune HD as well as lowering its costs on present models.
The 64 GB replica would mostly go on sale from April 12 for $349.99, approximately $50 lower than the 64 GB iPod Touch that Apple released previous September. Opening today, 32 GB and 16 GB Zune HD models price $269.99 and $199.99, correspondingly; nevertheless the older prices are still there in Microsoft's online shop. Apple trades a 32 GB iPod Touch for $299 and an 8 GB model for $199.
Fresh Zune HDs will in addition acquire a number of new features with the help of a firmware update technology. The stylish DJ creator is going to work straight on the gadget, and A/V dock possessors will be capable of downloading songs from the Zune market with the help of their TVs. The player will too sustain several original audio and video codes.
Microsoft, which released the Zune HD, in the month of September 2009, could however not get remarkable remarks. The touch screen manageable media player has simple edge to it and is capable of supporting HD Radio

What are your thoughts everybody? I think the timing is right and that the short but immediate hype it will get will be better than the continual drawn out hype of the apple products we generally see.
Also it is about time because 64 gb is much needed for the hd videos I am currently having trouble fitting into my Zune. I already bought some cases and chargers for mine ahead of time from but I dont think they will be selling the actual 64 gb version of the high def model. I think that is will only be sold on zuneoriginal- not positive.
With more information I get I will keep you all updated.

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no doubt their marketing dept. will answer you with reasons, but given where Zune was coming from, they should have done this from the outset as a simple/meaningful way to differentiate the product... I don't believe they're gonna get the bang for their buck now, that they would have done if they'd hit the market with this up-front...

but, far more significant than sticking in more memory, is the fact Zune HD isn't available outside US... I mean what's the point?! How difficult is it for a company the size/scope/reach of M$ to organise a global launch?!?!! play to win or don't play at all! And actually i'd have thought that was generally M$'s approach, but clearly not... meanwhile, Apple marches on...

third, they show the usual poor judgement of 'big companies', by trying to come from way-back-behind-late-to-market with ring-fenced - 'proprietary software only' - access (Where did this get 'em with the original Zune?!). Sure, yeah, i know, ZuneMarketplace or what ever they call it, but it's a super dumb as a rock thing to do... if you're coming late to the market, you've gotta make sure as much of the market has access to your product as possible...

ZuneMarketplace only 'works' if you're catering to a mass market. Mass market users will be quite happy to use the supplied Zune software - just like the vast majority of iPod users are happy-as-larry to use iTunes. It's only the 'audiophile' market - minority of users - who would use a different desktop manager... these people also go by the name of 'early adopters' who can significantly impact on the make-or-break factor for a product playing catch up in the market... As i think about it, it's probably the ZuneMP issue that has limited the region launch - god forbid EU customers should pay the same as US customers for content (iTunes has been ripping us off for years!!)...

So, 32 suits me just fine, as such, if M$ weren't so incompetent i'd have snapped a ZuneHD up on release. But being an EU early adopter, M$ aren't interested in me... but then i'm not interested in Zune player... guess it evens out...

Long live the fighters! (and MediaMonkey)...

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There is a thread covering this already located HERE

Closed Thread

64, announced, gb, hd, zune

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