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Originally Posted by nick_sub View Post
I wouldn't have bought the Clip if it wasn't for RB. It's a shame manufacturers don't support it because it would genuinely boost sales and provide us with better devices. However, I read on Wikipedia that Sansa are the first manufacturer to request Rockbox development on one of their devices - good for them.
You may want to hold off on the praise for Sansa for requesting/helping with Rockbox. Here's a link to the real story.

I've read several articles saying that Sansa was involved it the development of Rockbox on the Sansa. To Sandisk's credit I've never come across anything from them claiming any credit or even admitting any involvement in the e200 port. It just seems to be one of those stories that grows with each telling.

Originally Posted by nick_sub View Post
Are there any confirmed brickings yet?
I've read too many reports from users saying that they have "bricked" their players. They all seemed to stem from people not understanding the extent of what a read only memory meant. Attempting create playlists on the player, save game scores, build a database or anything that required writing to the memory seemed to cause some really hard lockups in the earliest builds. People would then report that they had bricked their player. Just about all of them seem to have ben resolved with either a reset or letting the battery drain. Just read a report from yesterday on another site where a user said their his "bricked" Clip+ came back to life after the battery reached zero.

Across the last 1 1/2 years of using Rockbox I've discovered that if you follow the instructions in the manual and use code released on the Rockbox site it is damn difficult to actually brick (render beyond all usefulness) a player. Despite my most fumble fingered installs on 20+ players they all work today.
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