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Originally Posted by LambdaCalculus379 View Post
Once you unscrew all the screws, you have to *gently* slide the back down about an inch or so, and then you can lift it off.
Sorry to drag up an old thread, but this is proving annoying. A friend of mine has an X30 that suddenly died on her. It won't start up - it shows the loading screen and then a screen with 'Rockbox boot loader - file not found', then shuts down. If I plug it in to the PC, the PC doesn't recognise it.

It's highly sentimental and she asked if I might try to fix it. I found some instructions on how to resolve this issue by disconnecting the HDD, however I need to be able to remove the back cover to do this, and as it's not mine, I'm trying to be as gentle as possible.

I've removed a screw from the centre top of the back plate, 2 screws from the bottom of the device and a screw from the lanyard holder. From there I'd expect to be able to gently slide the backplate down and off, but it won't budge.

The backplate looks loose on the lanyard side, but on the side with the volume controls it won't budge - are there any screws or things that need to be done to free this side? Both above the power button and below the 'A' button, there appears to be some catches, but I can't seem to depress them or do anything with them. Do I need to?
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