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Originally Posted by Adub View Post
You saved me from having to make a similar post, thanks WG haha.

One other thing that kind of irks me about the whole "audiophile" thing is having thousands of dollars of gear going into what most "audiophiles" would consider very mediocre headphones. That to me is just a boat load of irony.

There is a difference between using not using an EQ because you don't need to, and then there is not using it because of people say "audiophiles" don't use EQs", the latter is just ignorance imo.

I used stax electrostatic headphones with my system. and for Walkgood
As an audiophile I believe one thing and one thing only: My ears, I don't believe the hype, or the bull crap.

And to all of you stay away from bose triport headphones unless you can get them for ~$70, that IMO is all they are worth, and if you do get them contact me so I can tell you how to stop them from breaking.


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