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Originally Posted by dberter View Post
... ... The nice thing is that, as long as you FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, I think it's almost impossible to brick the player...just takes some extra effort sometimes to get it going.
I’m happy for you not bricking your player, but your statement is not true, thus the disclaimer at the beginning of the thread. Even developers have bricked players in their efforts to do this work, please do not give false expectations.

  • Rockbox is considered unusable on AMS and is unsupported on everything but the Fuze v1, e200v2 and Clip v1.
  • Even though the bootloader installation and rockbox itself are tested, there's always a risk of BRICKING your device PERMANENTLY. The Sansa AMS (except the e200v2, for which it involves opening the player) have no known method for recovery, so this risk will not go away, even in (if any) future stable releases.
  • There's no known recovery method for the AMS Sansas, except for the e200v2 (see below).
  • Installation of a bootloader may or may not permanently disable DRM support, even if you uninstall it (this is an early and old problem, but there are reports that this may not be the case anymore).

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