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I wasn't expecting a Rockbox port for the Clip+ this fast, so I am extremely happy that this even exists at all. As many others have said, it's very early in the development process so YMMV with stability.

I would recommend reading the Rockbox wiki, and then read it again just for good measure. If you are concerned at all with bricking your player or are confused with the directions, I would suggest holding off for now until a more stable release comes out.

If you do RB your player, also keep in mind that the file system is read-only right now (and thus the playlist errors and inability to save any config changes - you can alter the config.cfg file manually, but it may be hard to figure out what to put in there -- use dfkt's file as a starting point). And USB access is not working yet (just boot to the OF to fix that). Lastly, the radio is not working yet, and I assume no recorder either. I'm sticking strictly with the music playback, for now.

I've been testing this for the last few hours and I'm very happy with the progress so far. With the right EQ settings (which I stole from my own tweaked Clip v1), this player really shines. I only had one weird hiccup with playback which required a reboot to fix.
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