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Old 03-23-2010, 11:25 AM
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just a quick message by me (owner of T10 8GB white):
i havent disassembled my T10 yet, but.. i have disassembled a dead T10, i.e. a T10 which looks like a T10 but when you have in your hands you instantly realize that all the inner electronic parts are not there/have never been built in from factory, except for the interface electronics board.

just quick message.

dont open or try to open the t10.
it is impossible to open it without destructing the holding parts (unless u hav some really special opening tool).
the guy in the video clip did it the wrong way: lifting the upper plastic sheet with a screw driver from the side WILL destroy/break/destruct all the holding parts (which are glued to the 'aluminium' (the back sheet).

the upper sheet must be moved in direction of the Hold-button (arrow) about 10mm, and then can be lifted without resistance. but how do you move it in that direction?

i told you.

it is impossible WITHOUT breaking nothing. why? because the t10 is meant to be all tight (high quality) and firm.

I've got another dead (=empty) T10.. but practicing is over. With no special toolkit, doesnt make sense. i dont want to break neither that one nor my original T10.
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