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I'm now the proud owner of a 16Gb D2+ and working my way through the settings to get it to work how I like it.
I especially like the ability to set the rewind to 10 sec - allows me to re-hear the question I'm supposed to be answering

Only gripe is that I could use a larger font - I'm getting old (and getting old man's bad eyesight) and it's a bit of a pain having to dig out the reading glasses to control the D2. Once I've got used to the order in the menus (i.e. which is 'set bookmark' and which is 'list bookmarks') I'm sure I'll be Ok though

I downloaded and installed 2.13 firmware and everythings gone into Yiddish . Where's my glasses, where's my copy of the user manual, how do I set it back to English ... the saga continues ...

Thanks to all for the info

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