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Default Rewind & bookmarking mp3 lessons

I'm looking to replace my (now dead) Zen with a Cowon D2+
One of the the things I used do was to work through the Greek by Radio/Internet lessons from Radio Cyprus.

Features which really help with things like this are ...
1. to quickly bookmark the various short lessons in each track (the 'repeat the following sentences' or 'answer these questions' etc.)
2. to easily rewind a short way so's I can listen to the sentence again

Is this sort of thing possible/easy/hard on the D2?

Does anyone else out there use a D2 as a learning aid and what to they think of it?

Any answers ASAP please - I've still got lessons 25 - 140 to get through before we go to Crete

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I use the D2 for audiobooks and for lectures from The Teaching Company all the time and it works perfectly. Bookmarks are very reliable. They never fail. It remembers it's place in the last file you were playing last time and that's also very reliable. It rarely fails.

There are 3 rewinding methods. First you can rewind by simply touching the progress bar. That's great for larger scale rewinding but it's not real accurate. Then there's the rewind button which can be set to go back just a few seconds if you touch it or to rewind at a rate you set if you hold it down. Each of those are different settings.

So the answer to rewinding is you can make it work pretty much the way you want it to.

I think the D2 is a good choice for this sort of thing.

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I used mine to learn some Korean before moving there to teach English. It worked reasonably well with the lessons and bookmarking and fastforward and rewind were both really helpful. Enjoy Crete!
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Default Thanks

I'm now the proud owner of a 16Gb D2+ and working my way through the settings to get it to work how I like it.
I especially like the ability to set the rewind to 10 sec - allows me to re-hear the question I'm supposed to be answering

Only gripe is that I could use a larger font - I'm getting old (and getting old man's bad eyesight) and it's a bit of a pain having to dig out the reading glasses to control the D2. Once I've got used to the order in the menus (i.e. which is 'set bookmark' and which is 'list bookmarks') I'm sure I'll be Ok though

I downloaded and installed 2.13 firmware and everythings gone into Yiddish . Where's my glasses, where's my copy of the user manual, how do I set it back to English ... the saga continues ...

Thanks to all for the info

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