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Default Zen Nano plus got washed

I have Zen Nano Plus, and it got sent thru the washing machines I noticed it when changing out the load and I heard faint static-y music (it set to radio and wasn't getting good reception inside the washer. The washed is one of those "green" front loading machines so I have reason to suspect the device wasn't fully submerged in water.

Music player was ON and audio could be heard through the earphones.

I immediately pulled the battery out and places the device in a well ventilated dry place for probably two weeks before I touched it again to allow it to dry out completely.

It still works sorta.
First it is recognized by my computer as a storage device, I can move files onto and off of the flash.
The does unit turns on and play audio.
But in what I can only describe as randomly turns off and with it turns back on it resumes playing from the last point I had manually shut it down at.
I've changed batteries and given it multiple weeks and even months to finish drying out, my next step is to physically open the device and attempt to clean the circuit board with a alcohol based solution. But I need advice on how to take the casing apart in a manner that doesn't break it.

Any help provide will be appreciated
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I've had my Zen Nano get wet, fall into pieces, be subjected to extreme cold and heat and it still works fine.

I had the shut down problem at some point, and it was fixed by rewriting the firmware of the player.

If you do intend to take it apart, there are two pcbs that are connected with pins and a socket, and thats it. You just lift them apart. Not sure about the plastic casing, mine was gutted via the drop on the floor method..
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I loved the my Zen Nano as well. That player went through everything ans still worked despite being dropped way to ofter and falling into the dishwater one time and getting chewed by a puppy. In the end it was held together by duct tape and still worked.
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